Why Choose Us

Ametis Peinture makes sure you get quality work. Whether for interior or exterior painting, we have a two-year warranty on all our work executed.
Friendly Service
We are a professional painter company. Since our guests only come from the residential area, we assure you a clean and friendly service.
The products
We are proud to use top quality paint products for all your painting projects. We also rely heavily on products with little VOC.
Liability Insurance
We have liability insurance in place for $2,000,000. You can, therefore, entrust us with your work without any worries.
Satisfaction Rate
We are proud to have a satisfaction rate of more than 90% among our customers! We have a very strong motivation to make your project run smoothly. We are specialists in residential painting work in Montreal!
Interior and Exterior Projects
We are very versatile in our expertise. We do outdoor projects as wrought iron, balcony, patio, siding, windows but also indoor work of all kinds

The Process

The process After having reserved your painting job, our team will organize a call before the date of your project to review all the details:

1. Confirm the color and details of the painting,
2. We will ask you to move flowers and other fragile objects for outdoor projects
3. We will ask you to move frames as well as fragile items for interior projects
4. We will answer all your questions about your painting project

Here are the steps of our painters when we arrived: 

1. Cover the plants, trees and terraces
2. Cover the floor and the furniture inside
3. Remove your frames on the walls and move the furniture
4. Remove mildew as needed with TSP soap
5. Fill plaster with holes and cracks in the walls
6. Scratch and sand paint and peeling dye
7. Hand wash surfaces for painting
8. A third layer, if necessary, may be applied
9. Wash surfaces electrically for painting.
10. Caulking and sealing of doors and windows (on request).
11. Two coats of paint or stain on all surfaces