Interior painting project

Give your property and your quality of life a second wind! The right choice of colour can transform your time-tarnished property into a bright and inspiring one! The choice of colour and different types of finish can enhance the appearance of your living space! Take advantage of this change and make it shine!

A certified painter by Amétis Peinture knows that preparation is the key to a painting project! A simple coat of paint will only hide the imperfections time has created in your home. A good painting job involves filling and sanding cracks, holes and any imperfections that are identified on your interior painting project. Amétis Peinture understands that cleanliness is important and we make sure to collect any dust after each sanding! We understand how important your home is to you. Your satisfaction is so important to us that we will never leave your home without having completed the project to your full satisfaction.

Our authenticity and warm attitude will make us one of the best professional painting teams you will have hired! We understand that we must share our workspace with you and in this way, we have selected professional painters that are motivated, respectful and warm!
Here is a description of our interior painting services:

1. Interior molding
2. Painting Walls
3. Painting ceilings
4. Wallpaper removal
5. Painting and coating for concrete floors
6. Staining wooden doors and trims
7. Interior Varnish

The Process

The first impression is the most important! The first time you meet our estimator, we make sure to prepare a free quote! This meeting rarely lasts more than 1 hour during which all information from A to Z will be explained to you and this in the comfort of your home! Our offer is a turnkey solution, which means that for us, customer satisfaction is much more appreciated when the entire project has been handled by Amétis Peinture and no issues remain present at the end of the work. We take care of all: painting, materials, products and labour! The only thing we ask is to include in your agenda a suitable time for the execution of your project.

From the moment you have selected a date on our team’s production agenda, our first priority is to minimize the impact this project will have on your quality of life during the project’s execution timeline. A call will precede the start of the work to coordinate and plan the opening of the site:

1. Confirm the colour and details of the paint
2. Ask to remove all valuables, fragile objects, paintings and shelves from the area you are painting
3. Answer any questions you may have about your painting project
4. An email that confirms everything you will need for an incredible day of painting

The Amétis painting day has arrived! Before starting, our painters will inspect the project to identify the areas that need more preparation. This is a very short step that allows us to better plan your project because we make sure we meet your deadlines to the letter! In stages, the painters will proceed as follows:

1. Covering your floors Move and cover your furniture
2. Fill holes or cracks in walls
3. Repair drywall and finishing 
4. Retirer le papier peint
5. Window caulking
6. Primer over plaster
7. Two coats of paint on all surfaces
8. Cleaning after work We understand how important your home is to you!

Your satisfaction is source to our motivation and we make sure to put all the necessary means to achieve the best result and thus exceeding your expectations!


Our drywall repair service is one of the most efficient in a residential environment! How could we expect perfection by our painters without pre-treating the surfaces to be painted? It is therefore essential to ensure that your walls are ready before receiving the application of a coating layer. Don’t be afraid! This procedure is included in our quotation in order to respect our customer promise of a turnkey formula!  
The preliminary inspection of the work site consists of identifying all holes and cracks. From the smallest imperfections to the largest, our team is trained and empowered to restore the youthful features of your home. Whether it’s a single or several coats of plaster, our painters will restore the smooth and perfect appearance of your walls. We will even clean the premises to recover the dust caused by this sandblasting . Cleanliness of the premises is a very important issue from our professional service. Our team pays a lot of attention to detail and we understand that a simple 30-minute repair can sometimes make all the difference to you!


Each drywall repair project is a project on its own. The papers all react in their own way. Sometimes it is relatively easy to perform the task while other times, patience and determination are very helpful. There is no miracle product on the market to perform this task. There are indeed some tips and tricks but nothing could be considered miraculous. And if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you start to feel frustrated, you can damage your walls or stop before the job is done.

It can be tempting to add the removing wallpaper task to your list of DIY chores. However, removing wallpaper is often much more difficult than owners expect. Removing wallpaper is a delicate process that requires the very right tools, such as a wallpaper steamer and special solvents.

Even with the right tools, you can never be completely sure of the wallpaper’s behaviour. Sometimes it can be easily removed leaving no damage behind. Other times, you may encounter entire sections of wallpaper that simply won’t come off.
Many factors dictate the supplies and techniques used to remove the different types of wallpaper:

1. How was the wallpaper applied?
2. How long has it been on the wall?
3. What type of wallpaper was used?
4. Was the wall properly sealed or primed before application?

When we encounter problems with some stubborn wallpapers, we know how to deal with them, while avoiding damaging the walls. Here’s how we do it:

1. First, we will prepare the surface by spraying it with a non-toxic solution.
2. Once saturated, we will carefully remove the old wallpaper using a wallpaper removal tool to gently lift the paper to avoid damaging your walls.
3. The condition of the wallpaper or the condition of the wall under the wallpaper can only be determined once the paper has been removed.
4. The wallpaper will be cleaned with a vacuum thus leaving any traces. Residues are washed and cleaned.

When painting on wallpaper is the best option

It is generally preferable to remove the paper before painting but there are some cases where it may be advantageous to paint on wallpaper. First and foremost, drywall or plaster walls under the paper will remain intact.

If you decide to go ahead and paint your wallpaper, it is important to well prepare your walls to get the best possible results.

We will first remove and replace the damaged sections and add adhesive to the detached pieces to minimize the risk of paper falling off.

Then, we will cover the highly textured paper with a thin layer of joint paste. This material will help smoothing the surface so that the texture does not show through the paint. We will apply an oil-based primer coat over the entire wall surface before painting. This helps to seal the adhesive in the paper away from the moisture of the paint.

Moisture in the paint can often loosen the glue from the wallpaper, causing bubbles or flaking. After all these options, your wall will be ready to be painted!

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We aim to build our reputation on the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. That's why we offer warranties on all the work we do. This ensures the quality of our services.